19 Pascoe Ave – The fight continues at VCAT

Heads up to all residents in the Ruskin Park area.

You may recall an appalling planning application for 4 Double Storey units to be crammed onto one block at 19 Pascoe Ave.

Over 140 local residents objected to this crazy plan. Maroondah Council then, quite rightly, refused to grant a planning permit. (Special shout-out to the Wyreena Ward Councillors whose efforts are greatly appreciated).

So what did the developer do in the face of such overwhelming opposition (and anger) from local residents and the local Council? Rework the plans? Nah. Discuss residents objections with them? Nah. Consider the impact of the plans on the neighbourhood? Nah.

Run straight to VCAT…yep.

So we need your help. The VCAT hearing will be held on the 4th and 5th of September 2017. We need to fight such gross over-developments to ensure the future liveability of the area. If you can support those attending the hearing or attend yourself that would be greatly appreciated.

To find out how you can help, please contact secretary@rprag.com for more information.


Overwhelming Support for Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment

Well the public exhibition period is over and RPRAG was just blown away by the support from residents for the proposed rezoning outlined in Planning Scheme Amendment C107.

Over 460 (FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY) people signed letters of support for this amendment! For such a small area this is just amazing. Almost every person we spoke to eagerly supported this amendment. On top of local residents we had support from other parts of Maroondah, local politicians and from like-minded groups concerned about over-development.

The strong and consistent feedback from affected residents was:

  1. everybody understands the need for new developments in the area but there needs to be a balance between the intensity of these developments and future liveability for residents; and
  2. without the proposed amendments the area will lose all its neighbourhood character and natural amenity. It will become wall to wall rendered concrete boxes (ugh!).

A huge thank you to all at Maroondah Council who have done the hard work on this amendment. A special thank you to our Ward Councillors (current and past). Without their guidance and support this would not have been possible.

Now all we need is the planning scheme amendment approved and implemented!


84-86 Hull Rd: Proposed 7 unit development now advertising!

Heads Up!  A 7 unit development at 84-86 Hull Rd is now advertising.

Yes, another gross over-development is planned in the area with 7 units crammed on this site. Have a look at the plans on the Maroondah Planning website here:


(The website is clunky so if you need help finding the plans, let us know)

While a more thorough review is required, it is clear that the plans do not meet even minimum planning standards for GRZ or SLO-4. Four units crammed across the rear of the block? Space between dwellings? Canopy trees? C’mon…

Advertising closes 6 December.

Please contact secretary@rprag.com if you need help in preparing your objection.


Support this Planning Scheme Amendment – We need your help!


You may be aware that Maroondah City Council has prepared and is now advertising a planning scheme amendment for part of the Ruskin Park area of Maroondah. In short this amendment recommends rezoning the area from General Residential Zone (GRZ) to Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).

The full details of the amendment can be seen here: http://www.maroondah.vic.gov.au/C107.aspx

This proposed rezoning is overwhelmingly supported by Ruskin Park residents affected by this change. Ruskin Park Residents’ Action Group (RPRAG) has been fighting inappropriate, poorly planned and overly-intensive developments for a number of years. This amendment is vital to ensure that the green, leafy neighbourhood character is retained and a better balance is achieved between development and the needs of existing residents.

As you may recall, so strong was the residents anger and dismay at over-development of the area that in 2015, over 270 residents signed a formal petition to parliament requesting the Victorian Planning Minister, the Hon. Richard Wynne, introduce a moratorium on multi-unit developments in the area. While this was unsuccessful, Maroondah Council have examined the evidence and in its new Housing Strategy, have recommended rezoning in Ruskin Park as a means of ensuring better planning outcomes for the area in the long term. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of our Ward Councillors in achieving this outcome for residents.

However, the amendment is not yet approved and we need all the support we can get in this process.

RPRAG is seeking your help in supporting this planning scheme amendment.

If you could submit a letter of support for this planning scheme amendment RPRAG would be extremely grateful. 

Letters do not need to be long and complicated. A simple letter of support is fine. If you would like help writing such a letter please contact our secretary, Jane Monk, at secretary@rprag.com

Submissions close 5 December!


Open Garden in Ruskin Park – Sandra McMahon

We were privileged this past weekend to see the lovely gardens of one of our RPRAG members, Sandra McMahon.


Sandra is an award winning landscape designer and opened her gardens as part of Garden DesignFest which raises much needed money for Rotary.


Her gardens are frequently designed as ‘gardens of rooms’, with elements of mystery and surprise. Manipulating space is a challenge which she particularly enjoys. She has designed many ‘styles’ of garden, but the fundamental principles which guide her design remain constant. Stunning gardens! And good to see one of our Wyreena Ward Councillors, Cr Michael MacDonald, paid a visit.

20161112_100559_001      20161112_112223_001


Attention All Ruskin Park Residents: 17-19 View St going to VCAT

A company called Planning Sense (irony not lost on anyone) on behalf of the owner Sheree Xie have lodged a VCAT appeal against the Maroondah City Council refusal to grant a permit for the hideous 6 unit development they proposed at 17-19 View St Croydon.

If you were an objector, time to act.

Get your Statement of Grounds into VCAT asap.

Many will recall a previous development planned here was roundly rejected by residents, Council and ultimately VCAT. This time residents and Council have again rejected this gross overdevelopment.

Let’s hope VCAT again shows some common sense and rejects this proposal.


The Developer Madness Continues. Part 2: 21 View St

For some reason the quiet leafy surrounds of View St seems to attract inappropriate development applications. Add one more to the pile…

A planning application is currently being advertised for 21 View St.

The plan is for 3 x Double Storey units, all crammed onto one block.

This is completely out of character with the street and the neighbourhood. Such intense double storey developments are not seen in this part of View St. The plans show the rear two units have no space between them and there is very poor amenity for the residents. The site is overcrowded and reduces any real possibility of significant canopy trees on the block for the future. It drastically changes the green leafy environment. It clearly fails to comply with the Ruskin Park preferred neighbourhood character planning requirements.

Equally bad is that such a plan has been lodged for a property directly opposite an already busy childcare centre, where traffic, parking and safety are already significant issues.

We strongly urge all residents to object to this grossly inappropriate development application.

Contact RPRAG if you need any help in preparing an objection.


The Developer Madness Continues. Part 1: 1 & 3 Churchill Way

Two proposed developments side by side in Churchill Way show just how out of control (over)development is in the Ruskin Park area.

1 Churchill Way is a plan for 3 units crammed onto the block, right at the beginning of Churchill Way which is already ridiculously busy. The proposal is completely out of character with the neighbourhood. The site is over-crowded and the front two double storey units dominate the site.  Such intense development doesn’t make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood.

3 Churchill Way is ‘back to the future’. The developer’s 3 unit plans are basically the same as those that were previously rejected by residents, Maroondah Council and VCAT. Not accepting the umpire’s decision, they have resubmitted essentially the same plan that will fundamentally destroy the peace and quiet of the West Crt residents. Three units crammed together on a tight corner, three driveways all facing into this tiny Court. No space between any of the three buildings and ridiculously small setbacks with no chance for decent canopy tress in two of the units. It was a bad plan first time around and nothing significant has changed to make it more compatible with the neighbourhood character.

The real kicker is that both the properties are side by side. If both succeed then there will be a solid wall of ugly, over-crowded concrete units from the start of Churchill Way, through to and into West Crt. This is completely unacceptable.

Both planning applications are now advertising and we urge all concerned residents to lodge an objection to these very objectionable plans.



Yet another crazy planning application is being advertised, this time for 4 x Double Storey units on one block at 54 Pascoe Ave.

The development is totally out of character with the neighbourhood, destroys scarce green open space and is basically the worst possible outcome for this site.

The property sold last year to a Behzad Babazadeh Ortakand based in Mitcham. The planning application has been lodged by a draftsman based in Donvale.

Details of the application are available here:


Objections are due by 5 September.


Great Outcome for 52 Timms Ave!

Great news from Maroondah Council.  The planning application for 3 Double Storey units on this corner block has been rejected by Council.

Well over 50 objections were received for this proposed development showing just how much concern there is amongst local residents. Gross over-development of Ruskin Park will be opposed and it is great to see Council support residents. Well done!